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admin Saturday 5 May, 2012 | Events

Euphrasia has chosen to become partner of the Ark sharing a message of love and solidarity. Read
her work, a simple example on how to support projects  for the every day life of our children.

An owner of a nursery near Turin, Euphrasia, with the help of its employees, has involved her customers by exhibiting among her plants, in a dedicated space, the logo of the Ark, some pictures of the children and talking about the Village.

Several contributions arrived and father Luca has been entrusted with the sum that has to be delivered to our association. A warm thanks to Euphrasia for her simple and effective gesture, to her employees and to all those who took part in it.

Euphrasia has decided to become a partner of the Ark project “THE EVERY DAY LIFE”, assisting the Ark in the daily commitment of the running of the Village. A lasting participation that helps cover the annual needs of the structure, in the educational and training program of the children and guys of the Ark.


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