A Fifth House for the Village

admin Friday 14 November, 2014 | Completed projects

Another dream is realized, thanks to the contribution of those who want a brighter future for our children born into less privileged circumstances. The project to build our fifth house began in February, 2012. The demolition of the remaining soviet structure took place the following July thanks to the efforts of a local volunteer group, contributions collected by the Almaty International schools, and word of mouth from our dear friend Jenifer and other friends’ moms.

In the meantime, the search for new sponsors by our friend Gulzhan brought us bricks from Finnblock while Jenifer organized fundraisers with the US association Kazapalooza as well as through the website operated by  Two Hearts for Hope.

The house started to take shape. The finances came not only from local or American sources but European as well. Many friends organized a beautiful concert in Monza, Italy, from the Choir of San Biagio.

In September of 2013, Lufthansa airline donated windows and thanks to the generous contribution of an Italian friend, we were able to finish all the construction work.

In April 2014 a German parish joined the project with a donation to complete the interior and to work on the surroundings; moving the large containers and setting up a playground and flower beds.

Unlike for the other houses, the end of the construction did not coincide with living in the house. In fact the purpose of building this new house was different. We wanted to give up the scheme of the educators, responsible for the house, to look, instead, for a family willing to choose to live in the house and to welcome new children who woud have come in the future to Village. We understood immediately that, that was not an easy challenge. We interviewed many families but for different reasons neither us nor them could get through. Finally we found the right couple who recently moved into house and has already welcomed the first group of children arrived at the Village.

To coincide with this official beginning, although without any “opening cermony”, a huge sign of solidarity has been organized by friends and local sponsors to offer this familyall the necessary for the ordinary running of the house. Home appliances, the last furniture for the children’s rooms, flatware and linen.


Thanks to each one of you who made possible the writing of this new page of the Ark life. We thank as well Almaty International Women’s Club, Bayer, Life Deco, Korean Association of South Korea in Kazakhstan, KTK, Tikkurila and Happy Child for their contribution in completing this huge project.

Finally the project has come to an end and the life of the new house begins.





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