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The Ark Village Bulletin December 2015

Friday 22 January, 2016 | Bulletin Read more


2016 started with a farewell and a new beginning for Kirill, Oleg and Sasha. It is time for them to leave the Ark Village, but…

Public projects to support orphans

Thursday 21 January, 2016 | News Read more


There are increasingly important signs of changes happening in the country right now, regarding orphans and disabled …

Anvar tells his story in “Give Children a life”

Wednesday 20 January, 2016 | News Read more


The documentary film, “ Give Children a life” was first presented in the capital Astana and later in Almaty and was certainly…

The Ark Village Bulletin November 2015

Monday 21 December, 2015 | Bulletin Read more


Traditionally November is the month in which we celebrate Autumn. This year, with special help from the Almaty theater …

November Celebrations

Sunday 20 December, 2015 | News Read more


November always comes with its own traditions and celebrations. Our friends from the Almaty Theater organized a performance…

What we do

The Ark, a non-profit
and non-governmental organization, operates
in Kazakhstan with it's
main goal to welcome, educate, rehabilitate
and provide job training
to orphans and disabled children.

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Find out what has been done so far and how you can help sustain a project for the future growth of the Village.
There's a starman...

There’s a starman…

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A dinner, raffle or auction are some examples of how you can raise money for a specific project. Find out how.

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